Audio Anomalies Sound Design is original music created for the game & film industry. Various styles and moods can be produced for your product. From orchestral & cinematic styles, minimal textures & atmos or more pumping electronic dance in most genres. With over 20 years of experience in both production & gaming, we know what sounds good in a game. 

We will offer multiple mastered stems of each song, allowing you to layer the music from general exploration textures to more full-on action music, with seamless transitions. All tracks will be loopable and ready for your games audio engine mastered at -23 lufs ebu r128 standard AT 48,000HZ 24BIT. Or for overseas developers the standard at which your game requires. We produce our music with balanced eq, in order to leave room for the games audio such as effect sounds and dialogue. We also offer sound effects and foley production.

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Check out some of the Soundtracks on our Soundcloud page by CLICKING the button below. 


Some fun tutorial videos from the audio Anomalies Youtube page.